We are witness of the IFBB Elite PRO raising success. This will be the first Arnold Classic Europe with an ELITE PRO IFBB Event . The biggest bodybuilding Expo in the world with an IFBB Elite Professional Bodybuilding competition, two pieces together for the most amazing Show next September, 28-30th. Barcelona will be again the


OSTRAVA ELITE PRO IFBB Last adtition 2018 IFBB Elite PRO Calendar BODYBUILDING OPEN. On the next June 9th 2018, TEN THOUSANDS EUROS will be given in prize money for the top5 in  this Bodybuilding Open class. One of the big money prizes in the 2018 IFBB Elite PRO schedule and, of course, a very interesting
This is the weekend for the edition in ARNOLD CLASSIC AFRICA 2018 for the first time in the new IFBB Elite PRO. Johannesburg will be the center for Professional Bodybuilding and its modalities; NINE Sport Divisions (all of them) will compete in a giant event with around 90-100 PRO athletes. The sport divisions are: Bodybuilding
  The most important prize money and the bigger sport divisions contest in the spring calendar for 2018 is the ARNOLD CLASSIC AFRICA 2018. All the PROs IFBB Elite Athletes are on time to request in order to compete this next May 18-20th in Johannesburg (SouthAfrica).     These are the PRO modalities with a


CANCUN AND ROME, TWO AMAZING DESTINATIONS FOR THE IFBB ELITE PRO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 In this first edition for the IFBB ELITE PRO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 will be two continents and two great host cities: the legendary ROME (Italy) and the world-famous first-class tourist resort, CANCUN (Mexico). All the athletes want to be there in Rome

Ke-Shen Lian, new IFBB Elite PRO Athlete

Ke-Shen Lian, new IFBB Elite PRO Athlete from Belgium A new member in the Men´s Physique field in IFBB Elite PRO, Ke-Shen Lian from Belgium was receiving his PRO CARD from the hands of his National President Federation; Mr André Wouters. This athlete was two times overall in Belgium, finalist in the European and World Championships so
PARAGUAY WILL HOST ELITE PRO CHAMPIONSHIP, IN SEPTEMBER It will be in the capital city, Asunción; on Sunday, September 9th, with the occasion of the 44th edition of the South American Championships organized by the South American Bodybuilding & Fitness Confederation (CSFF). This is the first time an IFBB Elite PRO event will be celebrated


MONTREAL IFBB ELITE PRO 2018, NEW Wellness & Classic Bodybuilding modalities!! Next July 13-15th Montreal will be the one of the bigger event in the second  half f the year 2018 in the IFBB Elite PRO schedule, with SIXT sport divisions computing  for the prestigious title and 30.000$ in prize money. Joe Spinello, the promoter


ARNOLD CLASSICS AFRICA IFBB Elite PRO CONTEST, THE MACH IS READY! Johannesburg will be the world capital in the amateur and professional Bodybuilding and fitness one more time. Arnold Classics Festival is always an important point for every sport, not only for our modalities, but more than 30 different sports; this year we have the


ABSOLUTE SUCCESS IN GOIANIA As you can see in the pictures (press the link below) this was an enormous success even better than everybody can guess. Our brazilian organizer team taught everybody how to make a big show; one of the best ever stage with two giant digital screen and one of the best producing