After her victory in Cancun past week, she took the gold medal again in Milano. In this event we saw an european line-up with 7 girls. Yana won thanks to her incredible presentation and shape over the russian also, Yuliya Detusheva and the italian Matilde Biagini tallest girl in the line-up. The quality of the

25 Men´s Physique competitors in MILANO 2017!!

We (IFBB ELITE PRO) are vey young but our participation record is now important, an amount of 25 ATHLETES were in the biggest line-up. The winner was a amazing russian Athlete Denis Shlyk who took the tittle over Dennis Johansen (Norway) in a very hard battle for the tittle. Ondrej Kratky (Zcech Republic) was third
Mike Muzzo, Denis Shlyk, Olesya Kochura, Yana Kuznetsova and Benabdellah Abdelkader are the new ones to qualify for the PRO World Championships 2018. All these victors could be the number ONE in IFBB ELITE PRO for 2018 and become leaders in every sport division. Russia, Netherland and Algeria are the native countries os these winners


Athletes for all IFBB affiliated national federations can still register for the event that will take place on Sunday, November 26 at the Atahotel Expo Feira. IFBB Elite Pro Milano will close IFBB Diamond Cup for Amateur athletes. It will be a weekend full of bodybuilding and fitness. The categories set for this pro event
The italian bodybuilder Mattia Vecchi was the number one in the past weekend in Bodybuilding IFBB Elite PRO at Cancun, his mixture of size, conditioning and well poser were his better weapons with another Italian, Nicola Borlotta like runner up, great balanced and ripped and the third place of Dalibor Hajek from Czech Republic with
The russian athlete Yana Kuznetsova has been the winner in the first edition of the IFBB Elite PRO event in Cancun (Mexico). She convinced to all of the judgement panel in a clear victory in this second IFBB Elite PRO Bikini competition in 2017. Yana was a solid and very difficult adversary to beat. Her shape and presentation were the best


Great weekend in Cancun. Mexico hosted the first IFBB Elite Pro event in the american continent, the Cancun Elite Pro, which took place at the Gran Oasis Cancun Resort (Arena) on Sunday, November 19th. After his third place in Lahti, spanish Abel Sousa finally could be crowned as the best athlete in Men’s Physique category,


Only three months ago, IFBB manage again the PRO LEVEL since 2005. With a new concept, a new era comes to help the sport of bodybuilding and fitness. IFBB ELITE PRO is here to stay!! More than 100.000 dollars in prizes in only 3 contest in 2017. With a different philosophy, the old school bodies


This new era has arrived in 2017 with Lahti (Finland), Cancun(Mexico) and Milano (Italia) and It´s being a incredible fast growing success. But we have many more good news for 2018. Around 20 cities will be organizing for the next season the first complete year in this new PRO structure. America, Europe, Asia, Africa will
Bodybuilding Open, Bikini and Men´s Physique will be the 3 PRO categories in the second event in history. IFBB ELITE PRO makes this second step in AMERICA, we are talking exactly in CANCUN, MEXICO. This send a solid message about one of the mains principles in this new PRO era: A true worldwide organization !!